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Availabilty - June 12, 2009

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The Songs - June 10, 2009

911 Bubble Folk /
Style: Voice over alternate flat and finger-picking
In this track, you only hear only one side of a conversation between a police official and subordinate regarding the 911 attack, as well as his commentary on its parallels to the current financial situation. The story unfolds while an intricate musical composition provides a driving backdrop to the story line.
This original piece grew out of my concern (as a former Emergency Medical Technician) for the first responders on the 911 scene. It was then combined with words that express my concern over the recent spending which effectively mortgages our children’s future.
These thoughts were then put into the voice of a “salt of the earth” figure who draws the conclusion that sometimes you have to “cut your losses” to prevent further harm.

Style: Folk Finger-picking
Learning of a medical condition called ‘Aspberger’s syndrome’ and then discovering that a long gone father’s “parenting” was affected by this, not only answered questions, but made me aware that many other people have yet to figure out “what really happened back then”.

Saint Louise
Style: Inst. DADGAD fingerstyling
An instrumental in a DADGAD guitar tuning that evokes memories of an amazing person I met years ago

Streets of London
Style: Folk Finger-picking
A cover of an old folk standard by Ralph McTell offering perspective to one’s own problems

Clearly in Vermillion
Style: Country Flat picking
A story of what can happen when your try to step in to help an in-law’s problem, only to become the scapegoat when you decline to accept increasing responsibility for their problems.

Love Sarah 5 MPH
Style: Country Flat picking
Features love, family, marriage, graveyard, blessing, and then … leaves you with a smile.

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